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Hi.. I see no one has posted here in a long time, but I am hoping someone can help me out. I am going to be a Grad student at UT in the fall and I am not sure where to live. I do not know anyone in Knoxville, so that's why I am asking here. I need a furnished place, close to campus. I prefer my own bedroom and bathroom with roommates. Anyone have any recommendations of places I should check out, or another place to post this? Thanks!
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I've lived in The Fort (the neighborhood that surrounds campus) for 3 years now and from what I've seen in looking for apartments, most places will allow you to fill out an app and they will plug you into an apartment that is either short a roommate or that has other people in the same boat as you. Your problem now is that most apartments around campus are full by the February before the Fall semester starts, so there may not be a ton of choices left. I lived in Grand Forest Apartments for these last 3 years in 2 different apaertments. Overall, it was great. They are somewhat party apartments, but because of their cinderblock walls that seperate the apartments and the fact that all the bedrooms face away from the parking lot, I never really had an issue. I had to be at work really early every morning and was always able to sleep. They're not anything fancy, but they weren't a rat trap either. The Fort itself is pretty well a party area, so you should also know that going into it. I will be moving into Highland Terrace apartments in August, and from what I've seen, they seem pretty good as well. There are The Commons who have several buildings throughout The Fort, but they were a little pricey. Another nice thing about most of the apartments in The Fort is that they offer individual leasing. Not all, but most. The Knoxville Apartment Guide also has a lot of options and will give you a map as to where everything is in relation to campus. Hope that helps some.