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Question about the T & Orange Trolley

Hi all,

So due to shitty gas prices, I'm trying to drive as little as possible now. So that means, I'm taking public transportation as much as possible. I work & go to school at UT (been at UT since 2000) & I have NEVER once used the T or the trolley. Lame, I know. Anywho, so I'm trying to figure out the T routes & the Orange Line trolley routes. The website that has route maps is TOTALLY confusing. The stars that are supposed to mark stops just don't make sense to me because there are like other routes running the same path. So what route is the stop for? Know what I'm saying? Anyway, the point to all of this is to figure out on the East/West T route, what stop is closest to the UC & Cumberland? On the map, it looks like there's a stop in front of the money wall, but is there one closer up to Cumberland coming off the Hill? And does the East/ West line have a stop near Circle Park (where the Torchbearer statue is)? Also, on the Orange Line trolley, what is the stop closest to the UC & Cumberland? Sorry to be so retarded about this, but I really do appreciate any help you all might have to offer! Thanks! :)
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I don't know about the trolley but, there is a east-west stop in front of the money wall and also it stops in front of Walters Life Sciences just up the hill from the money wall. East-west also stops right in front of the torchbearer.

I think that if the lines converge then a stop is a stop for any line that runs through it because there are a ton of stops that are both.

As a matter of disclaimer, I don't really ride the T I just notice where it stops. Also, some stuff has changed due to construction and such and I don't know if the changes effect what I've said or what KAT has said.

great! that helps a bunch!! THANK YOU!